is a new company launched in November 2011.

New opportunities in the ever changing business climate arose and Jason Goldwin, the Managing Director and owner of the company and ex-Export Sales Manager of a well-known company in the window dressing world decided to take the plunge and use his global market knowledge and experience into practice. 

"Primarily the aim of the company is to make itself known in the International market, as a fresh, innovative and versatile company. The idea is to maintain a close relationship with the clients and work professionally to assist and service their needs in a more personal manner.

The need to work and adjust towards the demands of the different markets is vital. Technology with a mix of humanity is essential to a business relationship and sometimes we forget about this key factor.

Having dealt with many types of clients around the world, it is important to understand and respect the culture and way of doing business of the client which varies considerably depending on the country.

Our catalogue and web page will allow us to start our business activity in which we hope will help us consolidate as a company and develop our client base and sales around the world. Considering our very short presence in the market, we already offer a very large assortment of products which we think are very sellable in all market segments, regardless of the certain styles and trends which exists in each country.

 Jason Goldwin MD

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