These have always been popular because of their practical control mechanism which is a continuous chain loop enabling easy and precise upward and downward adjustment. They also have a reputation for understated sophistication, but the recent upsurge in popularity of Roller blinds can be fairly attributed to the breakthrough technology in the fabric component.

The fabrics used in these blinds can be anything from plain, patterns, solar reflective, blackout, fire retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-glare, can be suitable for moist conditions, can be wiped clean or have dim out. All of the ‘intelligent’ fabrics we use have superior solar protection and excellent insulating properties.

Blinds can be standard rolled with the blinds rolling up towards the window. Alternatively they can be reversed rolled. This method if often chosen to avoid handles when the blind are fitted.

Strong demand is now evident for screen fabrics in the Roller Blind range. Screen fabrics provide light filtering as opposed to light block-out so that the view can be maintained whilst at the same time light control is achieved. Screenfabrics are attractive, but also very functional.

Stunning Roller blinds are the ultimate in contemporary style and are perfect for controlling heat and glare with the option of maintaining your exterior view.

Left or right chain operation with coordinated controls is available in all our Roller blind products and cord lengths can be ordered in different lengths to standard for unusually sited windows.

Mechanisms available

Ranging from 25mm diameter tubes used for small window installations lacking space, to the more commonly used 43mm and a 43mm with reduction gear system for a smoother action, a 58mm system with reduction gear and in exceptional cases we have a 78mm system upon request.

The 43mm and 58mm systems have economic plastic brackets as an option or decorative metal brackets too.

Night& Day mechanisms

In fashion and highly popular roller blinds systems. They are practical and decorative as they come in a good range of colours. The horizontal strips in a colour of your choice and transparent strips overlap and control the amount of light coming through.

Spring Mechanism

A spring mechanism inserted into an aluminum tube, operated with an endless loop chain for precise positioning. It is this that pulls the blind up and down. Maximum drop determined by weight of fabric.

Reduction Gear System

This system allows rollers blind to be operated effortlessly and comfortably despite the heavy weight of the blind. This system is usually chosen when blinds are very wide, high or when a heavy fabric is used. This choice gives the option of having a manual operated blind without recurring to a hand crank or motorization.

Hand Crank

This choice of system is mainly used for exterior installed roller blinds or for high windows. Hand cranks are available in a number of lengths.

Cassette head box

Blinds come in a cassette head box and the option of having side guides rails which sandwich the edges of the fabric to ensure maximum light tightness. The bottom channels as an option. Often used in dim-out blinds, solar reflective or insect screening. These thermal cassette blinds are energy efficient and keep the heat in during the winter and the room cool during the summer.

Cable wire guides

These are used for both inside and outside installations with the purpose of stabling and guiding the roller blind fabric during its use. Inside brackets are more decorative, whilst exterior brackets are more robust. Roller blinds are often used on yachts with the wire cable guides.


Thanks to new technology in the motorisation of blinds, Window Treatments can now offer the option of remote controlled motorizacion on most of our roller blinds. At the press of a button you can lower or retract your blinds to any point, individually or as a specified room or area grouping. The brands Somfy or Nice are the options we offer. Domotic installations are also possible, tailored to fit exact your needs.