Aluminium and Pvc blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are the most cost effective and versatile blinds available in the market. They allow you to control the direction of the light, whilst still offering privacy. Being made of aluminium, they will not warp or split, especially our underformableslats in 25mm. Slats widths can be either 12mm, better known as micro blinds,16mm, 25mm and 50mm.

With a numerous choice of plain colours, wood effect colours, perforated slats and the metallic finishes, together with our undeformable 25 mm slats completes the range. There are options such as in-between glass installations or 2 blinds in the same head rail or motorization with remote control.

This range offers the most chic look of all.  Available in metallic finishes as well as perforated slats too in 50mm and 70mm, the metallic finishes portray a sleek and stylish look.Popularly used with the ANTICA head rail which shows the articulate mechanism, it can also be made with the standard metal head rail.Definitely a class act.


Completely different from the rest, the CRYSTAL COLLECTION with translucent slats in smooth colours really catches the eye. Something special to be seen on your window.