Tapes and work room accessories

We provide an extensive range of quality tapes made in the EU, ranging from Velcro to pencil pleats, shirring tapes, multi-pocket, eyelet tapes, roman blind tapes, as well as metal and plastic curtain hooks.

G&M offers a choice of 2 qualities of tapes and a 3rd in a transparent finish at competitive prices. Our PLUSranges of tapes are made of POLYESTER 80% and POLIPROPYLENE 20%. The LUXE range is POLYESTER 100% and our TRANSPARENT tapes are also made of POLYESTER 100%We also have tapes which areFLAME RETARDART made of POLYESTER TREVIRA 100%, whilst our EYELETS tapes are NYLON 100%

In addition to this, we have a range cords used for tracks in different diameters in various qualities.