Tracks & Blinds

Tracks & Blinds

Roma is a cassette type profile with Velcro,with integrated hidden cord guides operated with a chain system. It is available in the standard white colour or in grey,black or beige with matching colour accessories or with a contrasting decorative steel chain. Available with a choice of 2 types of chain lock mechanisms the system can be operated either with a cord lock of 1: 1 for blinds up to 2 kgs and 1:4 for up to 4kgs maximum weight. The standard bracket is a ceiling bracket having the option to change to wall bracket.

Motorisation is also available for this system.

Mallorca is an aluminium profile with Velcro system chain operated with tape guides and chain lock mechanisms visible from behind. It can lift up to 4.5kgs with the 1:2 lock system and 2kgs with the 1:1 system. Standard bracket can be used for wall and ceiling installation.

Mont Blanc is a corded operated system regularly used for small windows with light fabrics. Simple, yet functional.

Aluminium Tracks

Paddington is a simple aluminium track which can be corded or manual operated. It is used for light curtains, available in the standard white, silver, gold and bronze finishes.

Bakerloo is a simple aluminium track specially used for direct ceiling installations mainly for sheers. It shares the same accessories as the Paddington and it is also available in the same finishes.

Waterloo is a Aluminium 2 channel track, corded and non corded system. Used for medium weight curtain and most commonly used for ceiling installations.

Victoria is a Aluminium 3 channel track, corded and non corded system mainly used for hotel projects.

Menorca is a simple aluminium track, corded and non corded system used for light curtains.

Formentera is a hand bendable aluminium track better known as the " i beam track". It is used for light weight curtains.

Jubilee is a corded and non corded track for medium weight curtains. Can be curved at different angles.

Euston is a corded track for medium-heavy weight curtain. It has a strong robust profile available in standard white ,silver,gold and bronze. Can be used in hotel and residential installations. Can be curved.

Trafalgar is an extendible corded track used for medium weight curtains for either wall or ceiling fixing.

Wimbledon is a hand bendable aluminium profile with Velcro used for hanging pelmets.

Piccadilly motorized belt system. This track is a heavy duty track with 5 types of motors available for all types of installations. It can also be used for Domotic installations or can be operated with a wall switch or remote control with up to 7 channels. Can also be curved.

Piccadilly  manual track is a heavy duty robust track which can be used for any installation, be it for hotel project or residential. Used with ball bearing runner for a smooth run.

Japanese Panel tracks 2, 3,4 and 5 channels.

Aluminium panel tracks corded or non corded operated, with the option of motorisation. Available in white, grey and black finishes. Possibility of attaching a matching pelmet directly to the profile.