Wood roll up & roman blind

These blinds are made of raffia and bamboo wood. Offering a more ethnic look, colonial or rustic style depending on the model, these blinds are used to create a more relaxed ambiance. Can be used for inside or outside décor. They are offered a good choice of colours and in different styles.

There are 2 choices of styles of the Pinoleum range; Roll up system, roman blind system, with a choice of  2 operating systems. Either cord or continuous chain and with or without from pelmet.


Wood blinds are guaranteed for a period of time of 2 years from the date of production if there is no manipulation on the blind.

This guarantee also covers the optional operation systems as motor, crank and endless cord as well as other options.

Concerning colour fading on wood blinds, the guarantee will cover for a 3 year- period from production date.

One of the characters of the wood blinds is that it might show slight warpage behaviour, difference in grain and tone which are part of wood structure and not considered a defect.

Do not clean the wood blinds with any abrasive or cleaning product. We recommend cleaning the blinds with a damp cloth only.

We will not accept claims which are part of natural wood behaviour mentioned above. Claims should be placed before 30 days for Invoice date.


  • Flame retardant and water-repellent blinds; with Classifications: Euroclass B-s2-d0, as for the UNE-EN 13501-1:2007 and 13773:2003.
  • Blinds made of FSC wood; we have the Chain –of-Custody Certification in compliance with the regulation FSC-STD-40-004 V2 which certifies the Production, Sale and Distribution of Wood Venetian Blinds of Certified Wood (FSC).
  • Special hand-crafted finishes acknowledged by the Generalitat Valenciana with the certification of craft production (Documento de Calificación Artesanal, Generalitat Valencia DCA 3112).
  • Special drives and motorization blinds drive (automated), as well as special shapes (leaning and triangular).

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